What is the best brand to get for a laptop?

Answer It all depends on what you'd like to use your laptop for, honestly.If you're a gamer, you obviously want a high-powered mobile platform. For that, I'd go to Factor Gaming. They're a relatively new ... Read More »

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I would like buy a new laptop, which is a better brand?

Depends on the operating system you wish to run.Windows or Mac, For Windows, go for HPToshibaBoth companies make great laptops.If you want Mac OS, get an Apple I-Book

Which brand of laptop is better?

i have a HP Pavillion and im so happy with has everything i need..remote control finger print ID and so much more..its light compact and attractive design on the cover..scratch resistant.pri... Read More »

Best brand of laptop(not mac) to get?

According to your requirement there are many options in the market from which you can decide for yourself. I would like you to see this list in which there are many options available: Read More »

Which is the best laptop brand Please help me.?

If you want great cooling & battery power , then DELL.If low price then TOSHIBA.If performance then APPLE or HP