Who was the founder of famous whiskey brand Jack Daniels?

Answer According to the Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey website, the brand Jack Daniel's was established by Jack Daniel himself. The distillery where Jack Daniel's whiskey is made was established in 1866 ... Read More »

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What is the best way to enjoy a single malt Scotch whiskey?

Do as the Irish do, add just "A wee bit o' Heather" to the drink to open it up and bring out all the full, unique flavors of the single malt.This old adage means to add just a splash of pure mounta... Read More »

What is the best whiskey to use for making a Hot Tottie to break a fever?

Seagrams 7 for a Whiskey, Or you can try Christian Brothers Brandy, But if you like Honey, Try Barenjager, Tastes just like honey with a 80 proof kick, I wish I could wrap you in a comforter and ta... Read More »

What is the best golf course near Whiskey Creek, Florida?

Royal at Heritage Palms Golf & Country Club is the highest-rated golf course near Whiskey Creek, Florida, with a rating of four out of five stars from members. Located in Fort Myers, F... Read More »

I heard Canon is the best digital camera brand, do you agree If not what is the best?

Canon & Nikon. Each make their own great cameras.I have had good experienced with each, and i personally like Nikons better in general, especially for a DSLR.