Best place to Snowboard and Party in Switzerland!?

Answer In the french part of Switzerland, you can go to Verbier, Villars, Leysin, or les Portes du Soleil. The last one is a huge area composed by a lot of ski stations located in Switzerland or France. I... Read More »

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I heard Canon is the best digital camera brand, do you agree If not what is the best?

Canon & Nikon. Each make their own great cameras.I have had good experienced with each, and i personally like Nikons better in general, especially for a DSLR.

Best place to snowboard near geneva switzerland?

Please narrow down your understanding of "near". If we know, we may have a few ideas where to send you. Or start doing your own search here: in combination with this: http://bi... Read More »

What is the best brand of LCD TV to get Which has the best picture?

From a technical standpoint, there isn't one. There are several high performing brands. So at the end of the day you will need to go into a store and look at the TVs. Decide which one YOUR eye g... Read More »

What are the best tv i am looking to buy 40 to 47 inch lcd what brand name is the best?