What is the best brand of printer, fax, scanner combination?

Answer Hi Linda I love my HP it is great. Make terrific copies, and photos. It scans remarkably well and the fax is a great help. I think you would like it. I have had it for almost two years with no ... Read More »

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I just bought a canon MG2100 printer/scanner and the scanner keeps giveing me an error!?

1 go to device manager and see if the driver installed if not you might have to uninstall then reinstal the dvd if you see the driver then go to control then printers and devices and look for a ic... Read More »

My wife insists off-brand ink cartridges can harm the printer. Is the ink quality the same as the brand inks?

Your wife's right. And not right too. ==========backgournd Inkjets work by squirting ink through very very small holes in a print head. Canon and HP and several others do that by heating the ink in... Read More »

How can i change the combination on my master brand lock?

This may not work on yours, but while it is open, turn the shackle around and push it down. While you are holding the shackle down into the lock body, you should be able to change the numbers. That... Read More »

What makeup brand is good for my combination and sensitive skin?

The Body Shop! They have great, pretty cheap, organic, makeup that is great for teens! It has no harsh cemicals that are bad for sensitive or dry skin. Since it is all natural it should not give yo... Read More »