Kettle brand potato chips?

Answer Use the web address below to locate a store near you that sells these potato chips :)…

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Corn Chips Potato Chips Or Popcorn Which do you prefer?

popcorn, but it depends which kind and what brand

Can I use stale potato chips to make potato chip cookies?

The bag of stale potato chips that nobody is munching on anymore can most certainly be used to bake up a batch of potato chip cookies. The best part of using the bottom of an old bag is that the ch... Read More »

How are potato chips manufactured?

A restaurant cook named George Crum invented the potato chip in the mid-1850s. Although restaurants originally served the chips, they made their way into U.S. stores at the end of the 19th century ... Read More »

Can you freeze potato chips?

Potato chips can be frozen in the bag that they come in. In fact, celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse keeps them stashed in his freezer on his television show. There is no need to allow them to thaw; the... Read More »