What is the best brand of computer and why?

Answer Macs are good & great for multimedia & artistic viruses to speak of...but backwards & a PIA if you learned PC.Compaq is good because you can put other upgrades in them without interface ... Read More »

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What Is The Best Brand Of Computer?

Depends what you want to do with get what you pay for.I should start by saying I build my own computers.I buy Dell's for work.... and they have a pretty high failure rate.... but Dells... Read More »

What is the best computer brand i need to get a new one!?

Dell is very good, like everyone else said, but there are still many different Dells.Check out for lots of product/brand reviews - I look there before buying any electronics.

What is the Best Computer Brand in your opinion?

As an IT professional I have (of course) built my own PCs many many many times. Perhaps I'm still not as good or knowledgable as some end users out there who claim that an assembled PC is defenitel... Read More »

Best computer brand?