Has anyone tried the brand of cigarettes called Smokin Joes Cigarettes?

Answer Nobody asked you hypocrite non-smokers for your opinions about smoking. Everybody has some vice whether it be eating fatty foods, drinking alcohol, staying up all night partying, having unprotected... Read More »

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Which brand of cigarettes cost $10.25.?

Canadian Classic cost 10 something, I dunno I quite 15 years ago, but my friend is always bumming money from me for smokes and that's what he smokes

What brand of cigarettes should I smoke?

Parliaments, or Export "A"if you want a really unique one try More

When were Newport Ice brand cigarettes made?

Newport Ice was introduced in 1996 for a one-year market test. The cigarettes were not as successful as expected, so they were eventually discontinued. The Newport Company is still operating and of... Read More »

Which is the most famous brand of cigarettes in London [UK]?

Benson & Hedges Gold Benson & Hedges were a British company with worldwide sales, the American branch was bought by Philip Morris