What is the best brand of camcorder and why recommend a model?

Answer Spend $6 and get one month's subscription to consumer reports online…This is assuming you're looking for a consumer level one.

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Which camcorder would you recommend?

There are camcorders available on Q.V.C and there are video demonstrations of these products on their website. I have bought several things from this shopping channel. When I have ch... Read More »

What camcorder would you recommend?

Canon.It's the best.I hope someone else can help you better.

What camcorder do you recommend?

I own a Canon T3i and I get movie quality footage, The T4I is an upgrade from mine and mine is amazing so I would recommend the T4i. Also I own both of those lenses and both are great! for audio I ... Read More »

Would anyone recommend a Aiptek camcorder?

Well, take a look at this.Aiptek isn't really for 'Quality-Video', it's more for palm-sized 'Point and Shoot' video capture.Usually when you are just hanging out with your friends, you can take the... Read More »