What is the best brand of Greek Yogurt?

Answer A lot of people like the first brand of Greek-style yogurt to be sold in the U.S.:FageIt's comes in various versions these days.It's mostly more expensive because it's a "new" fad that most America... Read More »

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What is the best low fat greek yogurt?

I buy plain non gelatin Greek, Balkan or other types, add my own fruits, if I want some sweetness I add either honey or Splenda, you can get low fat ones, I would recommend nothing lower than 2%, a... Read More »

What is he difference between Greek yogurt asnd regular yogurt?

Greek yoghurt is strained- this means it is very thick.Very very creamy and thick.It is naturally thick, with no fillers of gum like a normal american yoghurt which is full of sugar and pectin to m... Read More »

What is the difference between greek yogurt&regular yogurt?

The yogurt section in the grocery store is usually full of options; there are low-fat, nonfat, whole milk, organic, not organic, Greek and European yogurts and more. It can get a little overwhelmin... Read More »

Why is "Greek" yogurt so much more expensive that other yogurt?

i suggest "Greek" yogurt is more expensive because it's fashionable to eat yogurt and the thickness and flavour of the "Greek" is more appealing than most of the low fat flavored versions which are... Read More »