What is the best brand for a labtop?

Answer I am not sure about the best, but dont buy an HP!! I have had mine for just over one year and have had to send it back twice for three seperate problems, and just recently the speaker "blew". I w... Read More »

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"What is the best type of brand-name labtop to buy"?

Asus. Period. You will not find another company that offers such powerful components in such a high quality laptop for less, especially not with a 2 year warranty. Toshiba is also good quality, but... Read More »

I am looking for a labtop and was wondering which would be the best brand and i am a student.?

HP is junk.... by a Dell they can customize them for students.Look for a Dell coupon on Google. I am sure there will be one there for students

Just bought brand new HP labtop and battery charger doesn't work?

If it continues to not work, take the charger back to the shop, they will have a help center that deals with this type of stuff.

Which is better, a labtop or an mp3 player?

Laptop--it will play MP3 files and do so much more. An MP3 player will do only that, play MP3 files.