Can you hunt deer with a 243?

Answer Each state determines which calibers are legal for deer hunting, but most, if not all, allow hunters to shoot a .243 caliber rifle. The .243 is a relatively small caliber for deer hunting, but it d... Read More »

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Can you hunt deer with a 22?

It is possible to hunt deer with a .22 rifle. This caliber is not legal in every state since it may be considered too small and it may only wound the animal. A more commonly recommend small caliber... Read More »

Can you deer hunt with an AR-15 in Missouri?

An AR-15 is legal for deer hunting in Missouri as long as the magazine and chamber combined hold 11 or fewer cartridges. Missouri requires deer hunters to use expanding-type ammunition made of lead... Read More »

How to Hunt Deer With an Arisaka?

The Arisaka was the main battle rifle of the imperial Japanese army during the Second World War. The type 99 rifle (the model which you're most likely to encounter) was manufactured from 1939 to 19... Read More »

Can I deer hunt with a 223 in Wisconsin?

The .223 Remington cartridge with soft-point bullets is legal for deer hunting in Wisconsin. The regulations state that rim-fire ammunition, center-fire ammunition smaller than .22 caliber and full... Read More »