What is the best boat bottom paint for saltwater?

Answer On One Hand: Very PopularInterlux VC Offshore is a popular high performance saltwater bottom paint for boats. It is quite popular among racers because its ingredients increase performance by reduc... Read More »

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What is a flat bottom boat called?

A flat bottom boat used to carry freight or people is called a barge, whether it is under its own power, towed, or pushed. A pontoon is another type of flat bottom boat typically used for recreatio... Read More »

How to Remove Saltwater Stains on a Boat?

As a boat owner, you need to perform certain maintenance tasks to ensure your boat stays in good condition. Salt water is corrosive, and a build-up of stains on your boat can damage the paint and b... Read More »

What is another name for a flat bottom boat?

A punt is a flat-bottomed boat used for leisurely trips on small rivers or other shallow water. Another flat-bottomed boat is a barge, often used for transporting cargo along waterways. A coracle i... Read More »

Where can I launch a boat in South Puget Sound for saltwater fishing or crabbing?

The Puget Sound is an area of water along Washington's coast, with an amalgam of inlets, channels and islands reaching inland about 50 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Launch points for fishing in bo... Read More »