What is the best blu ray DVD recorder?

Answer I think this is the right way as I don't have a blue- ray player so this is my guess, attach the USB you got with it in the computer/ laptop in the USB hole (connect the other end into the blue- ra... Read More »

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Nero won't let me choose a different recorder other than image recorder, I need help to find out what's wrong?

If it keeps rejecting the CD you are attempting to write on, then try a different brand of CD. Make sure the CD is compatible with your hardware.I have had a whole stack of brand new CDs be totall... Read More »

What are the benefits of a blu ray recorder over a DVD recorder?

The Blu-Ray recorder is able to wirelessly broadcast content to compatible PCs and store data/video on a build-in hard disk. The DVD recorder as the name suggests can just simply write to a DVD wit... Read More »

What is a dvr recorder?

A DVR, or digital video recorder, is a device that records video directly to a hard disk. They have become a popular alternative to VCRs, as the quality is much better and the recordings take up le... Read More »

What is a multitrack recorder?

Multitrack recorders allow musicians to overdub musical lines. This means a rock band can record one instrumental or vocal part at a time. Musicians then choose the most perfect performance, and re... Read More »