What is the best bitless bridle?

Answer On One Hand: Hackamore and rope haltersThis plain rope bridle is composed of two knots on either side of the nose, a larger knot--Fiador--below the chin and two loops to connect a lead rope or rein... Read More »

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What is the difference between a Bitless Bridle& a sidepull?

A Bitless Bridle and a sidepull are two different kinds of bitless headgear used in riding horses. However, they each communicate with the horse in a different way.Riding HeadgearThe majority of br... Read More »

Bitless Bridle Training?

Bitless bridles have been in use since early man first decided to harness the power of the horse. With the advent of the bronze age, bitless bridles lost ground to the more severe metal bit. Since ... Read More »

The Meaning of Bridle?

Bridle is a word of Germanic origin that dates to earlier than 900 A.D. It can be used as a noun or a verb, and can also be coupled with different endings to produce "bridled" or "bridling." It gen... Read More »

How to Bridle a Horse?

A horse wearing his bridle.When riding, a bridle provides you with the ability to control the horse to a certain degree. Bridling can be hard at first, but it is actually quite easy to do. Part of ... Read More »