What is the best birthday to give a five-year-old boy?

Answer Answer I think that you should pick one of his favorite activities (ex: racing/cars, Spongebob, etc.). Then you could buy some cheap decorations at a party store or just a regular store. For exa... Read More »

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Can a five year old give birth?

If they have started their period then most probably yes ... They could get pregnant by getting raped or by having sex!

What type of favor could I give to guests for a 70 year old birthday party?

wow, your BOYFRIEND is 70??? thats amazing, good job on keep a healthy relationship so long!and my grandad loves those werthers caramels.

What is the best birthday present for a 50 year old?

On One Hand: Time CapsuleA great birthday gift idea for a 50 year old man or woman is a time capsule. Put together a creative basket with items from their childhood or year of birth. For example, f... Read More »

What is the best present for a 2-year-old's birthday?

On One Hand: Educational GiftsWhile 2-year-olds may not seem like they're learning much, they are constantly developing new skills as they learn to imitate their elders. A gift that nurtures this d... Read More »