What is the best birthday to give a five-year-old boy?

Answer Answer I think that you should pick one of his favorite activities (ex: racing/cars, Spongebob, etc.). Then you could buy some cheap decorations at a party store or just a regular store. For exa... Read More »

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What type of favor could I give to guests for a 70 year old birthday party?

wow, your BOYFRIEND is 70??? thats amazing, good job on keep a healthy relationship so long!and my grandad loves those werthers caramels.

Can a 10 year girl give a oral sex to a 45 year old man with parental consent?

No. Every person have to reach the age of consent before they do anything sexual with another person. 10 is way under that age. No one, and that includes parents, can give a child permission to do ... Read More »

How to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday?

Okay, so it's your girlfriend's birthday. Oh no! What are you going to get her? It's really quite easy, and here's one way you can give her a birthday she'll never forget!

How to Give a 16th Birthday Speech?

A party for a 16th birthday, also called a Sweet 16 party, signifies a coming of age. As the birthday girl transitions from childhood to adulthood, loved ones are invited to gather in celebration. ... Read More »