What is the best birthday present for a 50 year old?

Answer On One Hand: Time CapsuleA great birthday gift idea for a 50 year old man or woman is a time capsule. Put together a creative basket with items from their childhood or year of birth. For example, f... Read More »

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40 Year old Son, birthday present in the UK?

Take a look at who offer all sorts of experiences and other gifts. I bought my daughter and son-in-law a Skegway experience last Christmas. The voucher came in an attractive tin ... Read More »

What is the best present for a 2-year-old's birthday?

On One Hand: Educational GiftsWhile 2-year-olds may not seem like they're learning much, they are constantly developing new skills as they learn to imitate their elders. A gift that nurtures this d... Read More »

LAPTOP. 14 year old. birthday present!?

In my opinion, a 14 year old should not have a laptop, if the laptop is intended for school purposes. High schools are still really not to update to fully utilize labtops during the classrooms. T... Read More »

Should a Responsible 14 year old Get a iPhone 4 if he's paying for the phone and the mom paying for the bill.It'd be for a birthday gift and a a small part of he's Christmas present?

Whether or not you are responsible can't be determined by yourself, that's an incredibly biased opinion. Personally, I think that if you're buying the iPhone yourself, you'll value it much more, an... Read More »