What is the best birthday cake you have ever had?

Answer banana cake with cream cheese frosting from passions bakery in San Jose CA. best birthday cake i ever had! yummmMMmm

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Did you ever have a cake fight at one of your birthday parties when you were younger?

Nope, never did. The cake my mom made was always too good to throw around, we ate ALL of it...

How to Have the Best Birthday Ever?

A birthday party!Everyone loves their birthday! It's a special day. It's your day! Happy birthday and have fun!

Would you rather have a home baked cake or a store bought cake for your birthday?

All depends on who is doing the baking. I know several people who would make that cake come out with the consistency of a hockey puck;)

Which would you like more A Regular Birthday Cake Or An Ice Cream Birthday Cake?

Just plain cake with ice cream. I don't like icing or buttercream.