What is the best bird bath?

Answer On One Hand: Many VarietiesBird baths come in many different varieties; shallow, round bottom or drippy are excellent options. The best bird baths are seated on a pedestal and, according to BirdWat... Read More »

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How to Build a Bird Bath?

A carefully placed and well-constructed bird bath can bring new species of birds to your yard or garden. Placement is critical so that birds feel safe visiting the bath. Bird bath construction can ... Read More »

How to Keep Algae from Growing in Bird Bath?

The existence of algae in a bird bath is extremely common; especially since algae spores can be transferred or deposited into your bird bath by the wind, bird feet, or even from nearby trees. To pr... Read More »

How do I clean a concrete bird bath?

Dump out all of the dirty water and rinse the birdbath completely. If you cannot move a heavy birdbath, then use a strong spray of water from a hose to blast out all of the water and debris.Use a s... Read More »

Where can you place a bird bath fountain?

A bird bath fountain should be placed within reach of a hose for easy cleaning and near a tree or tall shrubbery so the birds have a safe place to escape threats. It also should be in a place where... Read More »