What is the best best Internet Security Norton or Mcafee....Please let me know.....?

Answer i think they are both about the same so i don't know. which every is cheaper. I like how Norton updates the stuff quickly. Norton came with my pc and mcafee came with my dads.never tried any other... Read More »

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How do I allow pop-ups with Norton Internet Security?

Open up Norton Internet Security. Click on the "Start" icon and then click on "All Programs." Click on the "Norton Internet Security" folder and select the "Norton Internet Security" program. Click... Read More »

What is better AVG Free or norton internet security?

I have always used Norton and have never had any problems with it. I find it easy to use which makes me feel confident as i know how to use it and am sure it is doing the job properly. I brough m... Read More »

How to Uninstall Norton Internet Security?

Uninstalling Norton Internet Security can be done in 2 ways. Either by the Norton Removal Tool or by the manual uninstall.

How do I remove Norton Internet Security?

Write down your Norton Internet Security product key. You will need this product key if you ever decide to reinstall the program.Go to the Norton Removal Tool homepage (see Resource) and click on "... Read More »