What is the best beer you have tasted ?

Answer Crown lagerand the worst by far4X (goes like this XXXX but could be confused if u don't know the brand) tastes like barbed wire

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What is the best beer that you have ever tasted what is the worst?

One of the best beers that I have tried recently is Ipswich Ale. One of the worst beers I have ever tried is Natural Light.

Have you tasted 'Haggis' and did you like it?

Its wonderful.I am Scottish and enjoy it every now and again. Not ALL the time. But its so nice. With potatoes and turnips!TRY IT.

If all food tasted the same would everyone eat less?

its not a hypothetical question, its a very real situation.i believe taste and smell make up 90% of what we eat. i was diagnosed with cancer and took 8 months chemo and radiation, my throat swell... Read More »

What have you never done/tried/tasted that might surprise people?

never even tried learning gaelicI'm 1/2 irish, 1/4 english and 1/4 ukrainian and very proud of it, but for some reason i've never even bothered with my families true languageEDIT: Oh and i hate cho... Read More »