What is the best bang-for-your-buck type of credit card?

Answer On One Hand: Airline MilesFor avid travelers and constant shoppers, any credit card attached to either a specific airline or airlines in general is usually a good bet. Although the amount of miles ... Read More »

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WHICH IS THE BEST GRAPHIC CARD FOR DESKTOP (not bang for the buck ones, pure performer)?

the best card on the market right now is the Radeon HD 7970 it beats everything by a longshot

What is the best surround sound system, bang for your buck My budget is around 1500, including receiver.?

Look for something with SRS audio technology. It has the highest quality sound for most multi-media devices. Check out this site for more information.Try the Experience SRS header link and select o... Read More »

What is the best Blu Ray (best bang for the buck) system out there?

Well, I would listen to everyone else and buy a PS3. Best blu ray player fo sho.

Which is the best type and name of credit card to get?

On One Hand: Credit Card NamesThere are many credit cards available, but if trying to find a card that can be used as you please, you should be looking for one with the Visa, Master Card, Amex (Ame... Read More »