Watering your yard. Best in Morning Best in evening Tell me why you feel your time is the best time?

Answer MASTER GARDENER WITH THE ONLY HORTICULTURAL SOUND REASON TO IRRIGATE IN THE MORNING.powdery mildew (10 different types)downy mildewbrown rotgray moldphytophthora brown rotblack spotwhite moldshot h... Read More »

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What is your favourite band of all time?

The Beatles.Oh yeah, I´ll tell you somethingI think you'll understandWhen I say that somethingI wanna hold your handI wanna hold your handI wanna hold your handOh, please, say to meYou'll let me b... Read More »

Does anybody actually have dinner time if so, what time is the best time for dinner?

I usually have dinner when I'm hungry !!! thats normally a good time.

What time is best time to have sex and not get pregnant?

You can get pregnant any time you have sex, so it's important to always use protection, such as birth-control pills and condoms, to reduce your chances of getting pregnant

What dish network channel will the band One Direction perform and what day and time?

They will be on Nickelodeon on Saturday, July 14th. Time? I don't really know. And I can't find it on the guide! All it says is Victorious and other stuff! I don't want to miss this:(