Is the Rock Band World Tour game compatible with Rock Band?

Answer Rock Band does not make a game called World Tour. World Tour is an entry in the Guitar Hero line of games. While similar, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are two different games.Source:Guitar Hero World ... Read More »

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Didn't David Letterman name his band the world's most dangerous band in honor of david's favorite fake rassler dick the bruiser afflis who was known as wrestling's most dangerous man?

What is the world's most known band?

The Beatles.If you go anyway in the world, and show a picture or play one of their most famous songs, I imagine even the innuits would recognize them. They have had the most lasting influence and ... Read More »

What is world band radio?

World band radio, also known as short wave, is radio that is broadcast on frequencies of 1700 kHz to 30 MHz. These signals can travel great distances, giving listeners the opportunity to tune in to... Read More »

Worst band in the world?

so many people are answering this question based on personal opinionnoone is actually going by the standard that the absolute worst band in the world would be one that had sold