What is the best avon blush for black women?

Answer On One Hand: Bright Blush Has a Reputation for Looking GarishMost women stay away from very bright blushes because they simply look scary to work with. Women of all colors assume that unless you're... Read More »

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For the black men, Why do dark skinned women have to compete so hard with light skinned women?

First and foremost I am not a Black Man but I am a dark-skinned women and this is what I think of it. I think its mind over matter. As a dark-skinned women, I have learned that its really not a com... Read More »

MAC blush or NARS blush?

I would highly recommend NARS blush! Even though the NARS blush is pretty expensive it is worth the cost!A lot of MAC blushes tend to cake on, NOT VERY PRETTY!The NARS blush goes on very nicely and... Read More »

Black women?

My stylist (black lady) said, " ah-ah you got black peoples hair..."so this should give you an idea of why I know these things....and no I'm not gay, but I like to manage and take care of my hair, ... Read More »

Different Hairstyles for Black Women?

African-American women have beautiful hair. From a natural 'fro to long locks, there are many styles that compliment black women. Knowing what style works best can often depend on the current hairs... Read More »