What is the best home teeth whitening kit?

Answer do this twice a day. once in the morning and before you go to sleep for a week and i can PROMISE you wil see a difference.Get a ziplok bagie and put some baking soda in and keep in in the washroom.... Read More »

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What is the best teeth whitening?

bush em hun... if all else fail...TIPEX :)

What is the best teeth whitening product?

Hi there! I have used whitening kits before what with being a smoker! I did try a few brands and some of them weren't very good but the one I eventually ended up re-using was the Smile4you ultimate... Read More »

Home remedies for teeth whitening?

Mix baking soda (arm and hammer) and peroxide together to form a paste use this on your chompers and you'll notice a change in the first week I promise.

Home-made teeth whitening remedies!!?

One of the best ways to get rid of yellow teeth is by using the natural home remedy. You'll feel a bit of a tingle in your mouth for the first few minutes but it actually feels quite refreshing, an... Read More »