What is the best cure for a severe hangover?

Answer Glass of orange juice to replace vitamin cSpoon of honey to replace lost sugar and glass of water to replace lost fluids and rehydrate yourself. Don't say you won't do it again because we all do, ... Read More »

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What is a safe colon cleansing solution&home remedy?

On One Hand: Professional Cleansing Equipment Is SoundThe Food and Drug Administration regulates the production of colon-cleansing equipment. In certain respects, this means all hydrotherapy equipm... Read More »

What are the best natural remedies for severe depression?

Learn to pamper and nurture yourself. Experiment with aromatherapy, eucalyptus especially, I find it to be exceptionally refreshing, revitalizing and energizing. You can use Wallflowers from Bath a... Read More »

What is the best contact solution?

I like the Opti-Free Replenish, but I've also used the Revital-eyes and B&L Biotrue. To me, they're all pretty good.I would actually recommend getting some rewetting drops (eye drops made for lense... Read More »

What is the best acne solution?

On One Hand: Pharmaceutical TreatmentsMany people with acne turn to their doctor for pharmaceutical treatments, many of which are ineffective or dry out the skin. Retin-A products are effective for... Read More »