How long will anime be around why is anime a big hype in America and all over the world what about china don't they make anime what animation do they make let me guess nothing am i right?

Answer A style of animation developed in Japan, characterized by stylized colorful art and often adult themes.[Japanese, short for animÄ“shon, animation, from English Read More »

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What was the best anime?

I don't think there is an answer to this question, considering the answer depends solely on one's opinion. Also, anime is still being produced so even if there was a best, it could be overtaken by ... Read More »

What the best anime to watch?

Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors was the first feature length anime film (1944) Astro Boy (1963-66)

What is the best anime you have ever seen?

What is an anime about girls going through puberty 10 points, best answer!?

not really about going through puberty but there is an anime about growing up....azumanga....check it out