What is the best and safest way to clean your camera lens?

Answer First, DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT use alcohol on any part of your camera, especially the lens. Second, DO NOT use a Q-Tip on a lens.In 37+ years of enjoying photography I have never used a liquid lens ... Read More »

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I got a fingerprint on my camera lens. How do I clean the lens?

There is lens paper, eye glasses wipes and in a real emergency a new dollar bill. However, hold the lens put a nickle on it and look through it; you notice you don't see it. Don't worry too much... Read More »

Do we really need to clean camera lens?

Not really, but after a while you may need to just wipe it. Kinda like glasses you know?

What do i use to clean my camera lens?

Remove dust on a camera lens by using an artist's sable brush. Apply a small drop of camera lens cleaning solution to a lens-cleaning tissue. Start at the center of the lens and wipe in a circular ... Read More »

How to clean the lens and lcd on digital camera?

You could clean yours like I did mine....I carried it into the shower with me. I got it really, really clean and shiny. I did drop it when I slipped and it quit working... but it looks good.g-day!