What is the best and most natural method for a detox?

Answer A herb called milkthistle is a natural way to clean out toxins from your liver, etc & it's a gentle way to do it. I used a product called Legalon I think, which was basically milkthistle in tablet... Read More »

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What is the best or more natural way to detox marijuana in a week?

Is Montessori the best method for most kids?

"She refuses to work and is very uncooperative, while all her peers thrive."There's a lot in there I do not understand, necessarily.1) What is she refusing to do? And why is she refusing? A teac... Read More »

Acne Free in 3 Days--Chris Gibson ebook: What is the detox method(s) in the book?

Read it yourself here:…Of what I understood it's eating only apples for 3 days and drinking water.

What are the most powerful and best natural remedies to fight flu pandemics?

Hi Lotus of Peace!The most powerful and most natural remedy to fight flu pandemics is Grapefruit Seed Extract combined with homeopathic Influenzinum.Grapefruit Seed Extract: 15 drops a day in a lit... Read More »