What is the best and most easiest to use camera for Ebay pictures?

Answer Good brands are Canon, Nikon, Sony, Minolta, Kodak, Panasonic. As long as the camera has a good flash, and macro capability it will do the job nicely.In terms of other accessories: A tripod is a ... Read More »

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I want to sell on Ebay. Mostly trading cards. Do I need a camera or scanner How do I get pictures on Ebay?

Hi - really good question! For flat objects, a scanner is your best bet - you can put your cards on there. And you can put DVD covers, VHS covers, etc on the scanner bed and you're done. As for t... Read More »

What camera has the easiest way to download pictures to email them?

Well, one answer I haven't seen is the obvious.If you buy a multicard reader, it won't matter what camera you get. I have a sony with memorystick and a canon that uses compactflash media. My moth... Read More »

What kind of camera do I need to take pictures of items i want to sell on ebay?

Just about any digital will work but you'll need to remember to use the lowest MP for j.peg downloading. I use my wife's Fuji S5000 set at 3MPs, so I would not recommend setting anything at 8MP or ... Read More »

What type of video camera is best and easiest to use?

You should buy either a hdd or a mini dv tape recorder. Alot of people say mini dv brings good quality. But so does HDD, hard disk drive. Dvd isn't great because it doesn't record for a long time a... Read More »