What is the best and free way to have good vision on A ipad2?

Answer You don't

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I have the worst sight ever. I want to have lasik or PRK done to correct my vision. Good idea r not & why?

You have to be old enough to have a good chance of a stable perscription before you can consider it as srugery corrects your eyes as they are. If your eyes get worse later you are back to glasses. ... Read More »

I have 20/12 vision. Is that good?

Yep, that is better than the average good vision which would be 20/20

Does ipad2 have good quality of camera?

I really have no idea find another place to find out this information.

What's the best reliable free web host site with a good looking free domain name?

There are many web hosting providers and you might become confused to choose which one. I see that you don't want to pay for web hosting, but as an experienced webmaster let me tell you that its no... Read More »