What is the best amount of sunlight and water for growing violets?

Answer The best light is either fluorescent light or natural indirect light, not direct sunlight or your plants will receive burn marks. Keep plants moist, let dry out a tiny bit then water them again.

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What is the best amount of sunlight for a plant?

Depends on the plant What is right for one plant may cook another plant to death. Conversely, a plant may thrive in shade and another will grow spindly and never bloom. Also it depends on your geo... Read More »

When is the best time to water your lawn What is the right amount?

Ahh, the lawn. If I had my way, everyone going about with Merry Christmas on their lips, should boiled in their own pudding & buried with a stake of holly thru their heart! Bah! HUM BUG!! "Charl... Read More »

What does pH in water do to African violets?

African violets grow best in slightly acidic soil (pH 6.0 to 6.5). The pH of water can change soil pH, causing the plant to suffer from nutrient deficiencies. If watered with softened water (alkali... Read More »

Does the Amount of Sunlight Affect How Tomatoes Grow?

The tomato, native in Central and South America, comes from the nightshade plant family. Once considered poisonous, the United States now produces more tomatoes than most other countries worldwide.... Read More »