What is the best all around cleaning product I can make at home?

Answer On One Hand: Vinegar and Water Cleans BestHomemade vinegar cleaning solution is a natural multipurpose cleaner. It can be used on most surfaces including glass, ceramic, laminate and metal. To use ... Read More »

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Why, when I clean my bath does it make the cleaning product go yellow?

I have known cleaners especially the foam type change colourThis is because its reacting to whatever is on your bath However it should,nt stain your bathIf you use hair dye it will react on residue... Read More »

Is tea tree oil a good cleaning product?

On One Hand: Tea Tree Oil Cleaning Products WorkTea tree oil can be used for cleaning because it has natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. This makes it ideal for disinfecting and cleaning... Read More »

What is the best cleaning product for getting semen out of my cats hair?

This some times happens to me with my pet alpaca (frelupe) she has very fine lustrous hair and when i get semen in it i always worry about getting it out. For years i would go through the hassel of... Read More »

You know on the cleaning product ads how they say "kills 99.9% of germs!", what's the .1 they can't kill?

they only say that so they wont get sued.. because if someone gets sick or something.. theey cant sue the company for their product because they didnt claim to get rid of all the germs :D