Besides beer, what do you think is the best alcoholic beverage?

Answer 1996 Pommard 1er Cru clos de Eppinaux

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What alcoholic beverage would best describe you and why♥?

Martini because I''m dry and am of the finest kind

What alcoholic beverage is best enjoyed while cleaning the oven?

I would drink a Mudslidewhen they are made correctly, they will blow your mind and you will forget that you even have to clean the oven ^_~1 1/2 shots Vodka1 1/2 shots Kahlua1 1/2 shots Bailey's I... Read More »

What is the best alcoholic beverage you can make with just vodka and another drink?

It depends on the Vodka. If you are using a cheaper vodka, citrus juices like Orange juice, pineapple juice and cranberry juice sweeten the vodka and kills the sour aftertaste. If you use a more ... Read More »

Can someone please tell me if the beverage RED BULL is an alcoholic beverage or not?

The Red Bull in the little cans is non-alcoholic.Long before the little cans there was and still is Schlitz Red Bull in considerably larger 40 oz. bottles. This type of Red Bull has alcohol.