What is the best alcohol to soak cherries in?

Answer Rum

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Any other alcohol than Vodka that I can use to soak Bananadine in Please help!?

yes white bacardi will work.any kind of clear spirit.

What is the best alcohol drink?

Guinness One any only...Because i say so...

What alcohol is best when on a diet?

Being on a diet means reducing calories. The diet beers are low in calories and very importantly, carbohydrates. I like the vodka (spirits) idea too but not too much of any alcohol. Alcohol will sl... Read More »

What is the best alcohol to drink to avoid hangovers.?

Alcohol when consumed in like amounts does not matter what source its comes from-beer-liquior-wine-matters not. One suffers a hangover when too much alcohol enters the body than the liver cannot pr... Read More »