What is the best airsoft gun?

Answer On One Hand: Money Can Buy QualityAirsoft guns come in models ranging from simple pistols to full-size miniguns. High-quality Airsoft guns intended for competition can cost hundreds of dollars. The... Read More »

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How to Make an Airsoft Crosman Stinger P30 Airsoft Pistol Slide Release?

This is a tutorial how you make a slide release for a crosman stinger P30.

How to Turn Your Airsoft Rifle Into an Airsoft Sniper?

Why get a new sniper when you can refurbish your old rifle? It can be a conscious and economical decision that can save you a lot of money. Consider the following:

What does the hop-up in an Airsoft gun do?

A hop-up is a mechanical component of an Airsoft gun that imparts a backspin to the plastic pellet ammunition as it exits the firing chamber. This results in greater flight stability and range by ... Read More »

How to Be Like Neo in Airsoft?

You've all seen Neo in the lobby shootout in The Matrix... right? Well this little article here should help you be like him in Airsoft!