At what age should kids start dating?

Answer After the bloom of youth..when your a teen you have all these emotions and puberty, etc. Teens make rash decisions, some may say they are mature but can't control their constant changing emotions a... Read More »

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Which are the best Los Angeles Dating sites that cater specifically to Los Angeles Dating? is really good, I'm in LA too and I've meet loads ofpeople locally from off the site, I've had some hookups and a lot offun dates, and my social life is pleasantly full now which... Read More »

What episode will Sam and Freddie Start Dating?

WOA! Are they gonna?! I haven't heard that! (Sorry this couldn't help you find out when... :D)

What is the best dating website?

There are many dating software websites, here's a few:

What is the best dating site on the internet?

there forms to fill in on this was is a pain ones quicker are free