What advice would you give a first time mom?

Answer Epidurals are a gift from God!It will get better (this applies to pretty much everything)By the time you figure out the solution to the problem, the problem will change (this applies to everything ... Read More »

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As a First Mother, what single piece of advice would you give to a younger First Mother?

Felicita said it all. Be prepared for a life of pain that never ends until one day you are graced with a reunion that turns out good. Get counceling because you will never get over it, you might pu... Read More »

What advice can I give my 16 year old sister that just got her liscense?

The number one killer of teens is automobile accidents according to numerous resources.I agree, your sisters driving habits are too aggressive and dangerous. She seems clueless that the state isn't... Read More »

Any advice for a "first-timer" taking out student loans?

Some things to keep in mind:1. Avoid borrowing your first two years of undergrad. This is the time most folks drop out, and nothing is worse than being a college dropout than a college drop out wi... Read More »

What is the best breastfeeding advice you could give me?

I was told to buy some formula (coupled with a "Trust Me"). I didn't (later told by the same person that she gave up because, the baby was constantly on the breast and she just couldn't be bothered... Read More »