What is the best Nikon Camera Lens to shoot still portraits with?

Answer I like Karl's answer and agree 100%. Your lens is probably just fine and your lighting will make the most difference. Try not to simply use the on-camera flash. At a MINIMUM, if you are stuck us... Read More »

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You want to shoot at night with your nikon d700 camera which is the best lens to use?

Best Lens for Portraits with the Nikon D80?

For portrait lenses, the standard zoom range is between 70mm to 105mm. SInce Nikon doesn't use a full sized sensor equivalent to 35mm film, you need to multiply the zoom factor by about 1.3x to ge... Read More »

What lens to use when taking portraits with nikon d70?

If you had a 18-55 mm lens, you would have a good medium wide angle as well as a medium telephoto ... the medium telephoto lens length is what is perfect for shooting portraits.Now we need to clari... Read More »

What is good lens for taking indoor portraits with a Nikon D40?

To photograph lightning, you have to a pretty large extent get lucky! You have to get into a position where you can see the lightening. You will need a tripod and a cable release.With the camera on... Read More »