What is the best Internet browser to use that is fast and efficient?

Answer Mozilla Firefox.

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Is there any good browser better than microsoft internet browser or the one that comes with every computer?

What is the best web browser to use thats fast and secure?

It really depends on what you are looking for in a browser. Internet Explorer has been around for ages, and has the full support of Microsoft behind it. It is sleek and powerful, but on old(ish) co... Read More »

What is the best internet browser?

In my opinion, Google Chrome and Firefox are definitely the best bets. I use both on an everyday basis.Safari is pretty decent, but Internet Explorer is meh... And Opera... I wouldn't even try. D:

What's the best Internet Browser I'm sick of having problems with Internet Explorer 7?

I highly recommend Firefox.In this review, CNET Prizefight Internet Explorer 7 vs. Firefox 2, Firefox wins in every category.Firefox is better in every way including, installation woes, look and co... Read More »