What is the best GPS System?

Answer Really that is just user preference. In essence all the systems work pretty much the same.However, some GPS devices have more difficult interfaces and the software might be a bit harder to use. I h... Read More »

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What is the best Blu Ray (best bang for the buck) system out there?

Well, I would listen to everyone else and buy a PS3. Best blu ray player fo sho.

What is best to get pot out of system?

It all depends on you and your usage. If you only smoke occasionally then you might pass. A light user, two weeks. A heavy user 4 weeks. Since THC is stored in fat, an overweight person will carry... Read More »

What is the best speaker system?

Check out Adam and Aperion speakers, as you know best is a big word that means many things to many different people. However, these to brands will be right up there.Best

What is the best plumbing system?

Red Brass piping schedule 40 with TP copper fittings and brazed joints