What is the best FREE video maker for my PC?

Answer windows live movie maker,you can download it for free from microsoft website.

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How to cut a video for free on a PC Or import a long video in the old Windows Movie Maker?

Since you did not tell us the source or the file type of the 48 minute video, it is challenging to make any specific recommendation... but step 1 is to get that 48 minute video into a format that y... Read More »

What's the best free photo/video maker?

Picnik, FotoFlexer or Lunapic are great all round web based and FREE editing tools. Adobe, makers of the expensive Photoshop, now has a free website version in Photoshop Express. If you need/want ... Read More »

What free software can I use to convert my mp4 video into a wmv (for windows movie maker)?

Try Any Video Converter FreeWindows Movie Maker should be able to deal with mpeg and avi files.

How do I get videos from my Flip Video Camcorder to Windows Movie Maker using the free version of "AVC"?

You just need to convert the video to wmv video, then you can import it into windows movie maker.