What is the best Bay Area clinic for Migraines?


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If you have 5L Clinic Ace glyphosate 360 and want to dilute it in your 7L sprayer to kill Japanese Knotweed what is the best dilution and how many ml of Clinic will be needed?

140 ml of glyphosphate will give you a 2% solution which should be enough. spray the knotweed and wait 10-14 days, then spray again to make sure.good luck

Mayo Clinic Area Hotels?

Located in Rochester, Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic provides treatment to over 350,000 patients per year. A number of these patients are from areas outside Minnesota, requiring lodging accommodations ... Read More »

What is the best thing for migraines?

I have been suffering from Migraine for about 3 years and these have been my findings. Conventional treatment of migraine focuses on three areas: trigger avoidance, symptomatic control, and prevent... Read More »

What is the best non prescription medicine for migraines?

When you feel one coming on, the best way to ward it off is:Immerse feet in hot water and put an ice pack on your head. Sit still like this until you feel the sensation passing. It forces the ext... Read More »