What is the best 42" 1080p television?

Answer Get this amazing tv which is great for the ps3 and it looks cool, sounds good, and has great pic quality. I have it and play it on my ps3 and it looks amazing... well here it is...(oh and it is 2 i... Read More »

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When will television go to broadcasting in 1080p?

Television broadcasts in 1080p is already a possibility in the HDTV format, which began as part of the digital TV transition in 2009. As of July 2010, none of the major broadcasting companies has a... Read More »

Can you play regular TV on an HD 1080p television?

You can watch regular TV channels with an HDTV. Generally, the quality of the program will be significantly lower than if you watched the channel in high definition. You will also have black bars o... Read More »

57 inch Mitsubishi 1080p LCD tv but it say 480i standard on the screen how do you change it to 1080p?

It should change by itself if you are getting a 1080 program. UNLESS you are using a Satellite decoder box. I had to go to "settings" menu in the decorder box and uncheck 480i then check 480p, 720p... Read More »

Do newer 1080p HDTVs automatically upconvert digital feeds to 1080p?

All 1080p TVs convert the feed source to 1080p. This is a given, unless the source is 1080p (i.e. BluRay, HD-DVD, computer).If you send anything other than 1080p to the TV, then it will upscale an... Read More »