What is the best 40" television to buy I have about £1000 to spend.?

Answer Hi Linzyloo,There are lots of 40" TV's around featuring all with similar features. However, there is one TV that stands out above most which is actually well below your £1000 budget.I would recom... Read More »

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LCD or Plasma Which is better If you had $1000 to spend which one would you get?

Plasma. Panasonic has released a great new screen that has up to twice the life of an LCD. It has a better viewing range, meaning the angles you can see the screen are greater than an LCD. Also,... Read More »

What type of HD tv should i buy for my 360 looking to spend no more than $1000?

LCD are better performers with computer generated images and animations. Plasmas are better with movies and sports broadcasts.

Who in their right mind would spend £1000 on clothes a month?

I TOTALLY agree with you.....I have some really good skills at finding good deals -- comes with being broke most of my life - ha ha......but I always say now that if I won the lottery, I still woul... Read More »

How much time do kids spend watching television?

According to a 2009 survey by The Nielsen Co., children ages two to five years old watch almost 25 hours of television each week, while children ages six to 11 years old watch 22 hours of televisio... Read More »