What is the best 3G service available?

Answer The only site where you can get wholesale authentic Apple iPhones is

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What is the best available, free to download Anti virus software available?

i agree to andrew to an extent, but some av's like norton or mcafee can be notoriously tough to remove. that may be a problem. bitdefender 8 is a free version that you can try and yes it is pretty ... Read More »

What is the Best flat fee MLS service in Florida , (Multiple limited listing service )?

Prestigious Homes Realty is the best ! I used them ... I have only heard good things about them...WHat i know Other companies , are more into marketing , basically taking the call from the Internet... Read More »

Is BBC world service available on freeview?

According to the NickJR. site she is Latina.

Is Verizon phone service available in France?

Verizon does not offer any kind of landline service in France, but it does offer cellular phone service. You can rent a phone from Verizon, paying a daily rental fee and minute fees, or you can buy... Read More »