What is the best 37 mm Fisheye?

Answer Are you asking about a fisheye lens you can add to the 37 mm filter thread on a video camera?Here is one of the best for that purpose…

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What is the best fisheye lens for a Nikon D40?

i recommend Sigma 10mm f2.8 EX DC Horizontal Fisheye Lens For Nikon Digital Cameras With APS-C Sensors

What is the best fisheye lens for a canon optura 50?

First draw a a large circle for a wheel.The draw two long lines through the wheel.Then connect your lines with a circle.Then draw the rest of the wheel. You have a cannon!

Which fisheye is best?

The Canon 15mm is the better quality lens, however it's designed for full frame sensors so won't provide you with the distortions that fisheyes give you. Sigma also makes a 4.5mm fisheye which give... Read More »

Best fisheye lens for the panasonic v-700?

Read the manual. You'll find the HC-V700 has a lens diameter of 46mm.Now do a search using "46mm fisheye" and see what fits your budget.Spend less and get poor glass or plastic. Spend more for bett... Read More »