What is the best 35mm negative scanner?

Answer Check out the Plustek OpticFilm scanners. They are some of the best 35mm film scanners still in production:…

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What sort of resolution do you run the scanner at assuming a 35mm negative occupies 36mm x 24mm of space, the?

and the details of the question are, how much resolution do you want in DPI?1mm=3.93700787403e-2indpi=dots per inch or pixels per inch36mm = 1.41732283465in (x film inches)24mm = 0.944991889764in (... Read More »

Which scanner can scan negative films so that i can convert negative of photos into digital version?

These types of scanner are called "film scanners" and you can find a list of them here:…If you don't want to shell out that amount of money for a specialt... Read More »

Is there any scanner for 35mm slides?

Yes there is, i know newer highend flatbed scanners have them. Epson and HP i know make them. They have special cartridge for you to place your negatives or a spot on the flatbed for it. They run f... Read More »

When an edited film negative is put through a kinescope to be outputed to a 35mm print - the sound?

It's on the edge of the film, a magnetic strip, also 16mm & even super 8 amateur sound movie cameras.…I thought kinescope was used to copy television bro... Read More »