What is the best 16gb MicroSD Card?


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How to Use a MicroSD Card?

Memory cards are one of the most popular ways to store information and transfer it to different computers or electronics. They are small, but smaller still are microSD cards, which are made by SanD... Read More »

How to Fix a MicroSD Card?

MicroSD memory cards are very small versions of SD cards and work the same way. If your card begins stating that a corruption error has occurred, the only choice you have is to format the card. Thi... Read More »

What can a Sandisk MicroSD card do?

Be used for storage, backup, transfer media

How many songs go on a 2GB microSD card?

Kingston Technology states that 380 MP3 and WMA songs will fit onto a 2GB storage card assuming a 4MB file size. Results may vary.Source:Kingston Technology