What is the best 16gb MicroSD Card?


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What can a Sandisk MicroSD card do?

Be used for storage, backup, transfer media

What is microSD card reader?

It is either a slot on your computer, or a USB device which has a slot. Basically it connects your MicroSD card to your computer.

What format does the MicroSD card in the Motorola Rokr Z6m use?

According to PhoneScoop, the Motorola Rokr Z6m uses a TransFlash-formatted MicroSD (or memory) card. A writer at TMI Wireless says this card is compatible with up to 2 GB of space. You can also exp... Read More »

How to Use a MicroSD Card?

Memory cards are one of the most popular ways to store information and transfer it to different computers or electronics. They are small, but smaller still are microSD cards, which are made by SanD... Read More »