What is the benefit of forming a not-for-profit organization over a normal corporation?

Answer If you can qualify as a non-profit you don't have to pay tax, receive special considerations in some bids, and can use the designation in your marketing materials. There are a lot of rules around h... Read More »

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How to Convert a Florida Non-Profit Corporation to a Profit Corporation?

To become a for-profit corporation in the state of Florida, you must submit a certificate of conversion and articles of incorporation. Unlike nonprofit corporations that must reinvest all earnings ... Read More »

What Are the Steps to Forming a Corporation?

Incorporating your business turns it into a separate legal entity. You'll gain personal asset protection against business losses and debts when you incorporate your business. Forming a corporation ... Read More »

Strengths & Weaknesses of Forming a Corporation?

Forming a corporation takes an owner-run business and coverts it to a legal entity of its own under state laws. A corporation consists of a person or group that owns shares of the business, but the... Read More »

What is the tax benefit of forming a limited liability partnership?

A limited liability company operates like a partnership but provides limited liability protection for the partners. States like California restrict LLP formation to professionally licensed individu... Read More »